• Nate Braymen

The Safety Justice League

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Greetings! Welcome to our site. This is the first blog post for the Safety Justice League. Thanks for subscribing! The Safety Justice League was formed on LinkedIn and is currently made up of a small group Jay Allen from Safety FM coined as The Safety Five:

1. Jason Lucas #socialmediasafetyminute - Tribe builder extraordinaire! A strong fundamental safety leader and our beloved founder.

2. Jason Maldonado #relentlesssafety - Snakes, leggings and ladders. He also writes at relentlesssafety.com!

3. Abby Ferri #safetyabby - A practical, reliable, creative and solid safety pro.

4.(Me!) Nate Braymen #RedBeard - Basically a pirate with a hi-vis beard who, unlike regular pirates, gives out safety treasures and loves answering OSHA recordkeeping questions at isitrecordable.com.

Keep an eye out for our weekly #AskASafetyPro compilation videos on LinkedIn! If there is a question you'd like us to address as a team, let us know!

I welcome you to connect with us at LinkedIn. We all share a passion to add value and share best practices across all industries. Stay tuned for upcoming changes to the website as well as announcements of activities or posts on social media. Reach out to any of us with questions and don't forget to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with our daily individual posts.

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