• Abby Ferri

Taking safety home with The Safety Chic

I had an awesome time recording with Ugochi Obidiegwu, aka The Safety Chic! Go listen to it...can you tell it's 3am her time? The woman has an amazing amount of energy at any hour, and her message is simple, but not easy. Her message is also very heavy when discussing the realities of child rape and kidnapping. I hope that everyone shares that episode with family and friends who are parents and guardians of children. Ugochi's advice is practical, yet I found myself taking notes and feeling deep shame for not being as intense about home safety as I should be.

My notes during recording included:

  • Start communication at a young age to protect children from molestation, they must learn to draw their own boundaries and know the proper names for their body parts.

  • Two BIG home safety topics that children need to understand are burns and electricity.

  • Have a family password to protect against kidnapping, Ugochi has more info on this at her website.

  • Empower kids to communicate about their own safety, it will stick with them through adulthood when they are on "our" worksites!

You can learn more about Ugochi and access more resources for family safety and find her TedX talks at her website: https://thesafetychic.com/

Stream this episode direct at https://www.safetyjusticeleague.com/sjl-podcast-ugochi-obidiegwu

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