• Abby Ferri

Leggings are pants!

Jason Maldonado and I are the leggings enthusiasts of SJL and had a blast recording with Melissa Gaglione, founder of Safety4Her. Her main product is durable leggings with high vis striping that are worn by women in trucking, construction, and other trades.

We talked anthropometry (YOU try saying it!), athleisure, and how beer bellies and baby bumps are similar and can benefit from having more options in work apparel and PPE.

I'm a big fan of companies that are innovating the look of trades workers, and I think it has implications in recruiting and retaining the next generation of workers to these fields and those that support them (safety).

You can learn more about Safety4Her and scoop up your own leggings (they have pockets!) at www.safety4her.com

Stream the podcast direct at: https://www.safetyjusticeleague.com/sjl-podcast-melissa-gaglione

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