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Keto Kamp Founder Ben Azadi on SJL Presents

Nathan Braymen and I, Jason Lucas, had the pleasure of interviewing Ben Azadi for the podcast and it was an amazing episode. As many of you know, Ben is not just a Keru (Keto Guru), but he is also an accomplished author of books such as "The Intermittent Fasting Cheat Sheet" and "The Power of Sleep: Effective Strategies to Switch Off Your Brain, Stop Hitting Snooze, Wake Up Energized, and Own the Day" (Links to the books below)

In the episode we get the chance to talk about tips for better sleep, autophagy (so fun to say. Say it with me... Ah-Toff-A-Gee), and how eating right with good sleep helps make you a safer person at the jobsite.

As a bonus you will get to hear some beard tips from our very own #redbeard. Take a little time and learn something while listening to an influencer in his field, Ben Azadi.

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