• Abby Ferri

Jahmaal Marshall and justice

The Safety Justice League was inspired during our episode with Jahmall Marshall to find a way to give back. We had been discussing opening a merch store, a TR4D1NG P05T if you will :) and our partner suggested we give 15% to charity. We were so moved by Jahmaal's organization, International Justice Mission, that we chose IJM as the first recipient of our charitable donation. You can shop the TR4D1NG P05T by clicking that link here on the site. There's a lot of fun and functional stuff, and the proceeds go to an amazing cause.

We asked Jahmaal to define "justice," and he didn't disappoint. The episode was recorded after the civil unrest in my city, Minneapolis, after the killing of George Floyd. We discussed the importance of knowing the history of the US, and Jahmaal suggested we learn the story of CJ Walker and others. A personal note I wrote down was that my daughter's school taught her about Ruby Bridges in 1st grade, and Ms. Bridges is only my dad's age. So, take caution with the word "history" as it does not mean these people are in ancient history.

Jahmaal gave us insight in how to understand fatigue when working in positive movements and heavy topics like trafficking, race relations, and worker fatalities.

Let us know your takeaways from that episode, and join the conversations on the SJL LinkedIn and follow Jahmaal on LinkedIn for more of his messaging.

Shop here: https://www.safetyjusticeleague.com/tr4d1ng-p05t

Learn more about the IJM here: https://www.ijm.org/

Stream this episode direct at https://www.safetyjusticeleague.com/sjl-podcast-jahmaal-marshall

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