• Abby Ferri

Frank King on Safety Justice League Presents

In Episode 12 I was able to chat with a person I met prior to doing one of the things that scared me the most at the time - a keynote speech. It was the 2019 VPPPA Safety+ conference that provided me the opportunity to be so anxious, and that was only made "worse" minutes before I took the stage! As the technician helped me adjust my microphone, he made the remark, "gee, I'd hate to have to follow that guy, he's amazing!" That guy was Frank King, and he was a tough act to follow because he had the 3,000+ person crowd laughing and thinking as he took them on a journey for 10 minutes about mental health and suicide.

When a question came up at the Safety FM Town Hall about mental health as it related to living through the COVID-19 pandemic, I knew I had to reach out to Frank, and I'm glad I did.

Frank is relatable and practical, and has FIVE TED Talks under his belt. You can link to those talks from his website, https://www.thementalhealthcomedian.com/home/

He's now a co-author of a book that I think will help a lot of people, Guts, Grit & The Grind: A MENtal Mechanics MANual: Basic Mechanics.

You can snag the book on Amazon for $3.99 right now, click the image to check it out:

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