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Design your safety pro life!

The following notes were submitted by podcast listener Eric Labancz of Velocity EHS.

Rebecca discussed how she applies design thinking where she chooses an interactive approach. This is the opposite of an engineering approach. An engineering approach and mindset is ultimately "we know the right solution for this… we know safest, most cost effective, and even best way to build this bridge."

Design thinking takes problems, like your life, and acknowledges that there is no one right answer. With life and it’s unpredictable nature, how can we narrow it down to just one answer?

Then, if there is no right answer for your life, we cannot create a pros and cons lists, an ROI spreadsheet, we can't say "should I go after this degree or not??" This is not effective in determining your best path in an unpredictable and mysterious environment such as ours.

Instead, we can look at where we are today, what our interests are at this moment, and build our way forward and compare the alignment with our vision and interests.

This way of thinking is very similar to lean six sigma, and the plan do check act process, but applied to your life. It is like a mindful practice that becomes a way of being.

For more information, visit the Designing Your Life website which talks about design thinking.


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