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Corvex CEO Ted Smith on Safety Justice League Presents

Going wayyy back to Episode 10 of the podcast, I had the opportunity to interview Ted Smith, CEO of Corvex Connected Worker. Corvex is one of the leaders in the safety tech space, and has an AI backed software solution that is like a safety pro's best friend. Think of all the data you collect on paper, or digitally through apps, and then run through spreadsheets to then make a dashboard to the liking of whoever you're presenting that info to - it's a LOT of steps. Corvex takes all of that, makes it intuitive and nearly instant, and gives the workers the keys.

You can learn more about Corvex at their website, or let me know if you'd like an intro - I'm lucky to live in the same region as Corvex HQ and can chat with Ted anytime!

One of the topics Ted and I frequently chat about is the concept of culture vs. community and how it all relates to worker engagement. In safety we talk about, or hear about, culture all the time. In my independent consulting days, I actually had an operations person ask if they could buy a safety culture from me as if it was a binder I could just hand over and they'd have an instant culture of safety... nope!

Culture is something that lives on, and doesn't need people to make it happen. Community on the other hand is that culture in action, and an individual community's way of expressing the culture. In a workplace context, a construction company may have a culture statement and overall vibe, but how that plays out at individual jobsites is different in so many ways. That community of the jobsite means that incident reporting may have a slightly different slant than it does at the home office or another project site, even when operations are relatively the same. It's the people!

This relates to engagement because organizations seem to always be chasing that, and wondering how to engage workers further. The Corvex platform is brilliant because it doesn't require that workers know that they're even doing an inspection, observation, or near miss report - they just put what they're observing into the system, in their own words or photo, and the AI takes it from there.

Engagement like this leads to nearly instant transparency, which is why Corvex has been super successful with their customers and sites that pilot the system to see what it's all about. I'm really hopeful that more organizations will adopt this type of technology, costs will come down, and this tool will be accessible to safety professionals in varied industries.

This larger scale adoption of this type of technology is the "digital transformation" of the workplace and the workers. It's what Ted lives every day and something I'm super interested in. Are you? Check out the episode and let us know what you think!

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