• Nate Braymen

Another Hard to Swallow Pill

Hard to swallow pill: getting people to embrace safety is not the same as embracing zero. In fact, the latter inhibits the former. A goal should be connected to a focus on the inputs. You measure and tie incentives to leading indicators/valued behaviors. Those are the inputs that will actually drive your incident rate number in a positive direction. Valued behaviors things are actionable. All good goals must be actionable. Go ahead and try to tell an employee to go out and contribute to zero in a positive way. The only way to contribute to zero in a positive way is to not have an accident. That's a terrible dead man's goal. Even a dead man could accomplish it! (Thanks to Norman for that term.) Promoting a goal of zero is like like making the claim that telling people to "be safe" is an effective strategy. That is absurd, my friends. Don't be absurd.

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