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Take a peek inside the habits of a Safety Professional who impacts the lives of others. In his first book, Jason Lucas provides not just habits to be more successful at work, but he is also providing tips for each habit on how you can take it home with you. Don't miss the opportunity to see how a Co-Founder of the Safety Justice League thinks.

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This book is your chance to learn from a total safety nerd on how to keep yourself, friends, family, and colleagues safer at work, home, the lake, the roads, wherever you may roam. It’s not an extensive manual, because safety isn’t that f*cking hard (credit episode 000 of the Safety Justice League podcast). This book is my encouragement to you to listen to your own internal voice and nurture The Safety Habit that’s been there all along.

This book was inspired by the COVID lockdown and contains some references to COVID that were current as of July 2020.

Thank you to James Altucher for providing the nudge to write this book during a 30-day book challenge!

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This book is what started all of this. What was initially a conversation with my Dad on his front porch one October evening turned into the most enlightening journey of my career. It’s a book filled with stories, but if it doesn’t make you ask questions, you’re reading it wrong. There’s a better way to do safety. We just need to start doing it!

A Practical Guide to the Safety Profession: The Relentless Pursuit will help reshape the way we talk about safety, prompt action, and engage workers from all levels of an organization. The book includes real-life experiences and characters that are relatable to anyone who has worked in the Safety and Health field for any amount of time. It will provide answers for every safety professional who has ever asked: “is this actually making people safer?” It shines a light on ineffective practices that drive a wedge between the safety professional and the people they support and then provides meaningful alternative practices.

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Blood In My Pockets Is Blood On Your Hands is the go-to book on worker safety with shared solutions to many of the things that we flat out get wrong in safety. Controversy, critical thinking and comedy pepper Phil La Duke's writing and this book is no exception.

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Next Generation Safety Leadership offers meaningful applications that bring theory to life through case studies and stories from the author's many years of experience in high-risk industries. The author begins by presenting safety leaders and their organizations with a compelling case for change – for doing Safety Differently - and then provides practical advice and clear strategies that enable leaders to create psychologically safe teams. Focusing on the need to build trust, the book uses a clear and conversational tone, translating academic jargon into actionable goals. Through the use of industry examples, humor, and leadership case studies, the book leaves the reader with a comprehensive toolkit that will enable the development of a more mature, proactive safety culture. Written primarily for the safety community, the book will be of interest to Operations Managers, General Managers, Health and Safety Managers, Safety aAdvisors, and Maintenance Managers.

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